Outdoor Wedding Venues

Having a wedding means coming together with the people that celebrate a love and commitment on your behalf. But before the wedding can take place, a venue must be found and hired. While most couples prefer a traditional church wedding, others look forward to an outdoor wedding venue for their special day. There are many advantages to picking a church or wedding hall, but most of them do not have the same charm that an outdoor location can offer. Intimate marriage parties work especially well in such a setting. After all, being together and happy is what matters the most on the wedding day and having nature’s helping hand in the process is the best way to do so.

Another reason why couples prefer having outdoor weddings is that the affair turns out to be a lot less lavish and formal in nature. Within a church, there are many codes of conduct that cannot be broken. However, with an outdoor wedding venue one can invent their own traditions and proceed with the ceremony as they like. Since the wedding and the reception can be conducted in the same area, it also saves the extra cost of hiring a hall later on. When using an indoor location, there are many other factors that have to be kept in mind. While some of these apply to an outdoor location, many do not and make it a much more enjoyable affair.

Picking the right weather in which to have the wedding is also quite important. The success of the outdoor wedding venue depends on the planning for pleasant weather as well as planning for bad weather. Many times, the promise of a beautiful and light spring wedding can get upstaged by seasonal rains. On the flip side, an elegant autumnal bride may find her entire wedding party plagued by sudden chills. This brings couples to the eternal debate about which season is the best to have a wedding in. Summer and winter weddings are still not as popular as spring and autumn nuptials. However, many do prefer late June and early August for a calm and pleasant time to get married.

Spring vs. Autumn: Season For An Outdoor Wedding

Getting engaged is only the beginning for the entire process of the wedding to happen. For a lot of couples, setting the date is not quite as important as enjoying the feeling of being engaged. Some couples get married years after they have decided to do so. However, once the date has been decided the process of marriage preparations start moving on quite quickly. Picking a date is necessary to have the best outdoor wedding venue. Autumn weddings in a garden full of trees that are shedding is not the ideal ceremony, much like a spring wedding with sickly sweet flower scents all over.

If you have chosen the spring season to hold a wedding, there are many a outdoor wedding venue that will suit you the best. Gardens and yards with rows of flowers ready to bloom around March and April are best suited at this point. With the profusion of reds, pinks, oranges and yellows sets the tone for the decoration. It also gives a theme for the catering and in general, the whole of the marriage ceremony. However, this is also the season when many get allergies and hay fever. Such an attack in the middle of the ceremony can be quite disturbing.

On the other side is the autumn season. With the slight breeze blowing, there is a certain sense of elegance when being an autumn bride. One can pick out a variety of colors and materials to wear without much of a problem. Even setting the bridal party costumes is much simpler thanks to the pleasant weather. Most chefs will provide a better and bigger catering service at this point of time as well. However, finding a venue where the trees are evergreen or the yard is maintained extremely well can be a task. But if such an outdoor wedding venue is available, the yellow-red leaves make for a gorgeous carpet.

What Makes A Good Wedding Venue?

An outdoor wedding venue that comes with arrangements against sudden changes in the weather is the best one can get. Since unseasonal rain is not all that uncommon, having a waterproof tent that can be set up within minutes is also a welcome relief. The venue should be easy to locate and have plenty of space to park and store the equipment coming through from the caterers and decorators as well. It should be large enough to fit the entire wedding party, with space for more.

Having a constant electricity supply is also quite important in the process, since the DJ and the band will need to play for a fairly long time. Finally, the outdoor wedding venue should be easy to decorate and manage without much interference from outside people.

The Best Outdoor Wedding Venues

Once it has been decided when the outdoor wedding will take place, then all that is left is to find a venue that suits the arrangements to be made. For most part, churches and marriage halls also offer their own outdoor arrangements in the lawns or a smaller area nearby. These venues are quite simple to arrange for and the amount of work that goes into them is marginally more than a church or hall wedding ceremony. Apart from these, a couple can choose a garden as their outdoor wedding venue. There are many reasons why these venues have become so popular.

Gardens are usually quite large and can thus provide a lot of area for the guests to be seated. There are usually alcoves and pagodas in fancy gardens, where a beautiful ceremony can be held. Add to this the scent from the flowers growing in the garden and a naturally romantic environment is set. Catering and decoration in the garden is much simpler, since the natural beauty sets the scene quite well. And in case there is a chance of rain, a water proof tent can be rented for the reception and lunch or dinner. At night, the ambience becomes calmer and is accentuated with the help of lighting.

If a couple happens to live within driving distance of a beach, it can make for a wonderful outdoor wedding venue. Sandy shores that are framed with the rolling blue waves make for a simple yet gorgeous setting for a wedding to take place. The sight of a sunset while the wedding vows are being said add to the effect and take away the need for excess of decoration. All one needs is a few bunches of flowers, some flowing cloth and close family and friends to make the ceremony a magical one. Even a change in the weather is welcome, since it enhances the atmosphere.

At the end of the day, it depends on the couple where they would like to get married. Some find that their own backyard makes for the best wedding venue, while others prefer a destination wedding in historic garden sites. To find the venue you need, taking the help of other couples and wedding planners is the way to go. As soon as you find your outdoor wedding venue, you know the actual day will be absolutely magical.